Advantage of
HYGENIC CIRCUMCISION: It is protected against any infection risks as there is no cut on the skin. As it is a disposable device, it protects the child against HIV and HEPATIT, which are common in other devices because they are used several times. Also, it is the most ideal device for collective circumcision events. By preventing the infection of AIDS and HEPATIT, it will contribute to the expenses on health systems and also it will protect the child against inevitable effects of these illnesses. If we consider how much a Hepatit patient spend for his medicine monthly, the profit of country’s budget will be understood better.
AESTHETIC CIRCUMCISION: In classical methods,in which sutures required, cutting process is done with hand; so there may be asymmetry and curling on mucosa and penis skin, also knots and shirrs on the places that sutures are made. This situation can lead some psychological bores for the circumcised children in their maturity. If the mucosa is left longer than it is supposed to be, this may lead early ejaculation. In the operations done with the place where penis skin and mucosa join will be straight as a line. The length of the mucosa is the same in every part of the glans and its length can be adjusted as wished by the surgeon.
SECURE CIRCUMCISION: The glans prevents the accidental cuts on the penis. During the circumcision, the original structure of the penis remains and it provides cutting out of the circumcision skin.
EASY CIRCUMCISION: learning to use minimum training. There is no need to useassistant personnel.
QUICK CIRCUMCISION: It is a quicker method than the others. As it provides a very short time it reduces circumcision stress on children. As the procedure finish in a very short time, it provides facility for the surgeon to do more circumcision operations without loosing his concentration.
COSMETICALLY GOOD RESULTS: When the circumcision healed, there will a cosmetically satisfying result.
NO COTERISATION: There is no need for the medicines such as unipolar, bipolar and thermocoter that are not recommended in circumcision operations. Using these devices is found inconvenient by various surgeons and they are never recommended. Turkish Ministry of Health also does not favor using these devices that cut the skin by heat.
NO BLEEDING: There is no bleeding both during the operation and post-operation. Few blood drops are based on cutting out the circumcision skin. For that reason,  can be applied on children who have bleeding defects such as hemophilia.
NO GAUZE AND BANDAGEBEDARF: There is no need for gauze and bandage. As it does not require dressing, it will provide saving from time and money.
NO NEED TO USE ANTIBIOTIC CREAM AFTER CIRCUMCISION: As there is no need to use antibiotic medicine, the economy of the country will be saved from unnecessary expense. In countries such as Turkey where circumcision is applied routinely million Dollars are saved.
COMFORT AFTER CIRCUMCISION: Circumcised person can wear underwear and pants, walk, play and go on daily activities. By contrast with other methods he can have shower and swim in clean pools and sea.
SÜNNET SONRASI DÖNEMİ RAHAT: Sünnetten hemen sonra sünnet olan kişi iç çamaşırı ve pantolonunu giyebilir, yürüyebilir,oynayabilir,günlük aktivitelerine devam edebilir, klasik sünnet yöntemlerinin aksine banyo yapabilir,temiz deniz ve havuza girebilir.