is a disposable male circumcision device that has been designed for circumcising aesthetically, quickly, without blood, without sutures and illness risk.
is a tiny plastic device that provides circumcise by means of nipping method. It consists of a transparent polycarbonate tube and a white plastic nipping mechanism. It is extremely light and user friendly.
It has different sizes to cover all age groups from newborn to adults. Children sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and Adults sizes are 20, 26, 30, 34.
EO sterilized. Each alisklamp comes with a measuring aparatus to help you choose the right size..
is the only anatomically well-matched device that is designed in accordance with the opinions of general practitioners and specialists, and also assistant health personnel who made so many circumcise operations.

The user friendly application method and anatomically well-matched design of provide perfect results from circumcise operation.

While designing , problems that cause serious complications and that are frequently encountered in present circumcise devices have been removed.
With, circumcision function is carried out more secure, more quickly and more skillfully.

On account of there is no invasive characteristic ofproblems that are encountered in usual circumcise operations can be prevented by using this device.
not only provides a safe and easy circumcise but also it provides a safe operation outside the clinic (in homes, collective circumcise events and in environments where enough sterilization is missing), too.

is a reliable product that has Patent Certificate, Industrial Design Patent Certificate, Trademark Patent Certificate and CE Certificate. Required appeals have been done and it is about to turn out.